jeann9f727d, 40 in London - South East

I am very serious about all which I think very important for me and for my family, I am a little sentimental and I can feel beauty very deeply, I believe in destiny and in true love.... and to be happy with my beloved man. I just LovE bEinG mE, I LovE t0 do wAt I think that can satisfy mE, im n0t pursuing myself t0 aim what I think I Cant handle. But im afraid & hate having failures in my LifE thats whY I want t0 givE my bEst everytimE thErs an opp0rtunity f0r mE t0 d0. I c0nsidEr th0se pErs0n wh0s true t0 mE and t0 thEir sElvEs a spexal & c0oL pers0ns and hate th0sE wh0 arE n0thinG but phonyS,grEat backstabbers and ann0yinG backfightErs. I d0nt gEt mad just LikE that, If I kn0w im right iLL stand f0r it! SamE as if I did something wr0ng, I kn0w h0w to say s0rry and accept my mistakes and fAiLurEs t0o. I d0nt mind what 0theRs might say about mE, whether its a p0s. or neg. thE m0st imp0rtant is that I kn0w myself m0rE than any0nE else,
Age: 40
Location: London - South East
Race: Asian
Marital Status: Seperated
Looking for: No-strings fun
Body Type: Slim / Petite
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Smokes: No
Drinks: Light
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